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Country Singer, J.Antonette

Welcome new friends & FanTonettes!  


For those who don't know me, my name is J.Antonette. I'm a country singer-songwriter, silly woman & touring backup vocalist. Thank you for taking the time to visit my crowdfunding page! 


BIO: I got my start as a background singer for Melissa Etheridge. Since then, I've performed as a background vocalist for Grammy winner Michael Bolton and Gary Douglas in support of South Side Johnny & The Asbury Jukes/ Los Lonely Boys. I've opened for country stars like Jordan Davis and Tucker Beathard. With the help of some amazing producers, friends & radio buds I’ve also been featured on country radio all across the USA!


This past January I moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment in NY, sold all my things & packed my whole life into only 5 boxes. I hit the road on my crazy gypsy journey to find the best writers & music creators from L.A. to Nashville. I want to give you not only my best, but the best COUNTRY content humanly possible. I have many songs in my heart & hysterical content in my mind that I'm dying to record, film & share with you, but I need your help!

Why do I need your help? Here's why! There are many complicated pieces to this puzzle. Music production, social media content, music videos, travel, shows and funding the band are just a few costs that artists struggle with on the daily. I'm very proud I have gotten this far on my own, but there comes a time where everyone must ask for help. I am to close to reaching some beautiful goals too give up now. 

My hopes are to release a brand new EP/Album this fall with the support and collaboration of some of the best in the business! In order to reach this goal I'll be giving away some amazing packages & options to entertain you! I’m even giving away a live in-house concert option!!

I thank you so much for your continued love and generosity! I truly couldn't be more grateful to the friends, family and supporters I have. 

                                                                               All my love,

                                                                              Jess Antonette xo

Listen to the music


All money raised goes towards new music & content!

Sing Happy Birthday to omeone of Your Choice

I will sing a Happy Birthday song to whoever you would like! I'll send you the MP3 ! 


The Best Worst Advice Ever

Ask me a question & receive the BEST worst advice ever. Listen to my advice & then do the exact opposite of whatever I suggest. 


Hear The New

Single First

Be the first to hear and receive the new single.


Signed Posters (11x7)

Receive one 11x 7 signed & personalized poster of my choice with a special note just for you! 


Behind The Song

I will give you the inside scoop on my brand new songs. I will fill you in on what inspired them, what they mean and who they are about. 


J.A. Ultimate Bundle

Are you a FanTonette? Then you should have all the goods! The J.A. Ultimate Bundle is a great way to receive all the things you need to be a TRUE Fantonette!


Q & A

Let's have a question & answer session! Ask me 10 questions (must be  appropriate lol)


Voice Lesson

Receive a 20 min voice and performance lesson from me via skype/facetime!


I'll Prank Call Someone!

Let me prank call someone you know! 


  • All topics PG13.

  • Subjects must be over 18yo. They must be told at the end of the call it was a prank by you & I.

  • I will not impersonate a real person.

  • This is all in good taste & pure fun. This can not be used for anything  with ill intent.

*Purely comical.... oh man... this is either going to be a great idea or the worst idea ever lol.


Get Mugged!

Get 1 of 3 mug styles & a "thank you" note from me! The Mug styles/styles are subject to change, but options are available to view in the merch store of the website. 


Pre-order The New Hardcopy EP

Be the first to pre-order your own hard copy of my new EP when it comes out. Receive it before it hits the airwaves!


Coffee Meet & Greet

If you are in the New York (NYC/Upstate NY), Los Angeles, Florida or Nashville area, I would love to meet up for a coffee & friendly chat when I'm in your town! Let's make a plan!


Cover Song Video

Tell me a song you would like me to cover & I will send you a video of me singing it for you. Simply provide your email address!



Let's chat! I'd love to get to know you better! Let's jump on 1/2 hour SKYPE/FT or ZOOM call & talk about life!


F*Ck,Kill,Marry on SKYPE

This is one of my favorite innapropriate van ride games! Let's be silly, talk smack & laugh our butts off!


Tips & Tricks

Receive a phone call from me with the best tips & tricks I can recommend about the music industry. Hear about what I've learned as a musician an business owner. These are tricks & secrets I use on the daily that have helped me to this point. This is perfect for musicians, or anyone interested in the entertainment industry. It covers topics on social media, networking, artistry, getting where you want to go, planning & mind set. These are my secret tricks which are very valuable to me.

$200- $350

House Concert!

Book a LIVE in home concert! I will put on an awesome 1 hour acoustic concert at your home for you & your friends! It'll be a mix of original music, performances of unreleased songs, story telling, & fun covers! There's give aways & more! Let's hang and throw a cool event for you & your true few!

$2000 - $3000

Choose Your Donation

I'm so thankful you're here visiting this page! Don't see anything you like? Be a part of my musical journey by donating ANY amount to help the creation of brand new country music, music videos, comedy & much more. 


Thank you!